VoliAmo Flying School
East Sussex Microlight

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School aircraft £150.00 per hour.

Package (minimum of 5 Hour) £140.00 per hour. 

Solo supervision in school aircraft £150.00 per hour.

Own aircraft £80.00 per hour.

Own aircraft solo £80.00 per hour. 

GST (General Skill Test),  including Technical oral exam Part 2 , £150.

Written Exams. £60 each.

Ground school, £30 per hour. 

Now we can accept any cards payment at the airfield.

Before Purchase any package course we strongly recommend obtaining a Self Declared Medical Declaration.

Voucher and course package is not refundable or transferable. They are Valid for 6 months from the purchase date.

Aircraft limitations, Weight limit for each pilot or passenger can not exceed 95 kg.